LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KOLO) – The Nevada Republican Party says it will be investigating alleged irregularities in mail-in ballot counting.

Complaints received by the party allege that people who did not cast their vote during the primary have unexpectedly gotten notifications from the Secretary of State’s Office saying that their mail-in ballots have been tagged with the status of “mail ballot counted.”

The party says that, in light of these reports, there are now concerns about the security of the ballot counting procedures, raising questions about the accuracy and transparency of the ballot counting process.

The state GOP says it is actively in communication with the Secretary of State’s Office to conduct an investigation into the alleged irregularities.

“We take these reports very seriously,” stated Michael McDonald, Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. “The cornerstone of our Republic is the trust and confidence of the American people in the electoral process. Any indication of irregularities must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

The Nevada Secretary of State released a statement about these irregularities, saying:

“On Sunday, February 18, the Secretary of State’s Office became aware of possible technical issues related to the vote history of individuals who did not participate in the Presidential Preference Primary. Elections and IT staff began working on the issue immediately, and met with County Clerks and Registrars this morning. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and will provide further updates as we can.

It is important to note that vote history is generated separately from election results. Results on and county canvasses of the votes are unaffected and accurate.”


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