RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom announced Tuesday that they have collected more than 110,000 signatures on a petition to codify abortion protections in the Nevada State Constitution.

The group says this latest signature collection milestone represents more than 50% of the campaign’s total signature goal. They say they are on track to hand in the sufficient number of valid signatures by the June 26 deadline.

“We are overwhelmed by Nevadans’ enthusiasm for protecting our reproductive rights and by the eagerness that voters across the political spectrum have shown for our petition. With more than 110,000 signatures gathered in less than six weeks, it’s a true testament to the fact that Nevadans recognize the importance in codifying reproductive freedom into our state constitution. As we continue to see new attacks on abortion access around the country, Nevadans recognize that there is real urgency to get this measure on the ballot and passed,” said Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom President Lindsey Harmon.


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