LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Work is being done to save lives and prevent crashes at some of the valley’s busiest intersections.

Clark County is going to be reducing some of those flashing yellow left-hand turn lights at certain hours of the day. During peak hours, motorists may notice some intersections already don’t have those flashing yellows.

The county is looking to add that number of intersections for safety.

“That creates a situation that can be unsafe for pedestrians,” said Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft. “That’s why we’re looking at these peak hours and suppressing it during those times.”

Naft says the county is already looking at traffic safety by adding crossing guards at middle schools. Naft says Clark County is the only municipality in the United States to do so.

He says the effort to reduce traffic incidents at intersections started in 2022. He clarified that the county is only reducing yellow lights, not getting rid of them.

He says officials will be analyzing data from this effort to see the impact. Wider and bigger streets where motorists can drive up to 45 mph are being impacted.


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