LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Major changes could come for the City of North Las Vegas in the June primary.

The city is holding a Special Election in conjunction with the primary. Two questions will appear on the ballot on safety and services for the community including funding for the police and fire departments.

The City of North Las Vegas has two questions, known as Questions 1 & 2, for voters. Questions 1 & 2 will determine if North Las Vegas will continue to maintain two tax overrides that invest in Funds 268 and Funds 287 for public safety, police, fire, streets, and parks. If passed, property tax rates will not change for residents.

Question 1 (Funds 268): funds the North Las Vegas Fire Department and the Parks and Recreation Department including improving emergency response capabilities, equipment upgrades, training, and enhancing and creating new recreational spaces within the city including parks, pools, and community centers.

“It is 41 people that maintain streets, traffic signals, parks, firefighters, whether or not they have adequate equipment to provide 911/ EMS services,” Scott Black,

The Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilman, Ward 3, explained what passage of Question 1 will provide.

In 2023, North Las Vegas fire beat the national average response time by minutes, and EMS response time by several seconds. Question 2 (Funds 287): funds for public safety improvements specifically the North Las Vegas Police Department. The fund also supports Community Corrections and Animal Protective Services.

“It’s very, very vital because it funds 65 police officers, corrections officers, their vehicles, their tactical belts, their protective gear. Sixty-five people that serve our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Black revealed. The average response time for police in North Las Vegas for the 12 months ending on March 31, 2024, is 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The average police response time in the US is 10 minutes.

“We need to know sooner rather than later what tax funds we have,” Black contended. Black reported the funds that currently support these safety services have been in place nearly three decades but are set to expire.

“A ‘yes’ vote is same cost, no change to the tax rate,” Black stated. Black added that a ‘no’ vote on Question 1 and 2 wouldn’t lower taxes, the money would just be allocated for other things.

Ahead of voting on June 11, 2024, North Las Vegas residents are encouraged to learn more on the special website the city created:


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