LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The dogs are being let out at security company Protective Force International.

Their K9s will be deployed throughout the strip as we get ready to ring in the new year.

“For K9s it’s very important because there’s explosives there’s firearms there are several different aspects and it’s a good visual deterrent,” Sgt. Josh Doyle, a K9 handler with PFI said.

11 of their K9s will be tasked to sniff out danger.

“They can ensure that our operations not only flow smoothly but also detect the hazardous things that some bad guys want to bring through during our celebrations,” CEO Johnathan Alvarez said.

Alvarez tells FOX 5, patrolling for New Years Eve is not an easy job, nor a task they take lightly.

“New Years Eve safety is one of the largest operations we have at PFI,” Alvarez said.

They will have to work hand in hand or in this case paw in paw with law enforcement to keep the crowd safe.

“Months and months of detection work within their school and the K9s are partnered with K9 officers who then go through their own training upwards of 2-4 weeks training,” Alvarez said.

That training will put be put to the test this Sunday as hundreds of thousands of people head to the Las Vegas strip to ring in 2024.


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