LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Boring Company is facing several accusations in a new complaint from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concerning the Hyperloop under the Las Vegas Strip.

The complaint claims that approximately “15 to 20 employees” were burned by accelerant chemicals while connecting and reconnecting hoses. In the complaint, OSHA said a spike in injuries is visible over the past two months.

The chemical mixture, which contains cement, reportedly soaked through employees’ clothing, absorbing into the skin and resulting in “skin irritation, skin rashes, and skin chemical burns.”

Additionally, OSHA found that the Boring Company did not provide employees with uniforms or appropriate eye or face protection. It also did not instruct employees on how to handle hazardous materials associated with underground construction.

The Hyperloop also does not provide a shower for those sprayed by the chemical mixture.

Employees also regularly walk under an unguarded conveyor belt that transports “muck” retrieved from the tunnels to a “muck bin.” The “muck bin” was also reported to be overflowing, and collapsed in during the second week of June in 2023.

Puddles of the chemical mixture are also forming in the tunnels, limiting employees’ abilities to move through the tunnels without risking burns.

In total, the Boring Company is facing $112,000 in fines over eight violations found during OSHA inspections.

The Boring Company is contesting these claims to the OSHA Review Board, though a hearing date has not yet been set.


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