LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Outreach groups are working to stop the fentanyl crisis across Las Vegas with education, helping others know the risks of street drugs and where to get help for overdose prevention.

The PACT Coalition is working to survey people across various communities to gauge their knowledge of fentanyl exposure risks and awareness of “harm reduction.”

Krystal Griffin, a project coordinator, said while various drugs circulate in different communities, many people do not suspect fentanyl is in their choice of product.

“Cocaine, meth, marijuana: Fentanyl is mixed in all substances,” Griffin said, working to lessen the impact on minority communities through collaboration with schools and community partners.

“Black and brown communities are impacted by overdoses due to the lack of education. They don’t want to access the resources out there due to stigma,” Griffin said, working to bridge the gap and direct people to resources like Trac-B.


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