LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Newly released police documents describe a possible motive in the deadly shooting at UNLV and included images of targets the suspect sought out.

The document, dated Jan. 26, includes a summary of the deadly shooting on Dec. 6 including a timeline of events, the premeditated moves made by the suspect and the suspect’s possible motive. The report was made by the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said Henderson resident Anthony Polito, 67, carried two laminated cards on his person when he carried out the shooting: one showed photos of “targets” with faces and room numbers, and another with room numbers and associated titles. LVMPD said the cards were discovered in the hallway where Polito shot two victims.

Two-sided laminated card found on Polito’s person showing names, pictures following UNLV shooting(LVMPD)


LVMPD said the suspect sent 22 letters to 21 different people around the country. There was a white powdery substance in the letters, but police determined the material was not hazardous.

LVMPD said all but one of the recipients were related to the suspect’s “professional and academic endeavors;” the remaining person was a vehicle insurance claims supervisor. In the letters, Polito made disparaging comments toward women and often referred to himself in the third person, either as “Dr. 160IQ” or “160IQ,” a supposed reference to his intelligence.

Police said one person was the intended recipient of two letters. Polito also reportedly posted the content of the letters on his own website.

The suspect in the deadly shooting at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, had a list of targets at the school and at East Carolina University.


Law enforcement said the suspect likely had “delusions of grandeur…along with an inferiority complex,” according to the report. Police said Polito often blamed others for his lack of career progression.

“It is still unclear whether Polito targeted the 10 UNLV business school faculty members due to specific grievances with each of them or if they simply represented the broader establishment of which Polito felt slighted,” the report said.

Police said Polito was rejected by multiple higher education institutions:

  • UNLV (4 times)
  • Morehead State University
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo
  • Southern Utah University
  • Other NSHE colleges (police describe him being rejected “several” times)

Polito was also allegedly fired or forced to resign from East Carolina University.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released another batch of police body camera video from the deadly December 6 shooting at UNLV.


  • 11:28: Suspect vehicle travels northbound on Maryland Parkway, likely from westbound Tropicana Avenue towards UNLV.
  • 11:29-11:30: Suspect vehicle arrived and parked in the lot south of Beam Hall. Suspect exits vehicle.
  • 11:31: Suspect walks to passenger side door, removed an object from the seat, examined the object, and put it on his person. Suspect closed the passenger door and walked towards Beam Hall.
  • 11:32: Suspect walked eastbound past Beam Hall, briefly paused, then walked back towards the building.
  • 11:33: Suspect enters Beam Hall.
  • 11:44: UPD dispatch receives call of someone screaming with loud sounds in the background.
  • 11:45: First UPD officer arrives on scene and announces shots fired over UPD radio.
  • 11:46: LVMPD dispatch receives call about an active shooter incident at UNLV.
  • 11:49: Two plainclothes UPD officers enter Beam Hall
  • 11:55: UPD officers made contact with suspect in front of Beam Hall. One officer attempted to verbally engage suspect but was ignored. Suspect produced a handgun and began shooting at the officer. The officer tried to gain cover behind a police vehicle at the scene, stumbled, but regained his footing. The officer then returned fire, striking the suspect. The suspect fell to the ground and additional officers arrived on scene.
  • 11:57: Officers approached the suspect and took him into custody.
  • 11:59: Authorities advised there were three confirmed deceased victims. One victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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