LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Several people on social media want to know what they heard and saw on Super Bowl Sunday in the Lake Las Vegas area.

“Pretty much we were just sitting down in our family room, and I saw a flash prior to the concussion, maybe just a few seconds before. And it just sounded like something hit the side of the house pretty hard,” said John Torres.

“He saw the flash first. I was just facing away from the window and so I didn’t see it. And we both heard it. It sounded like it was right behind the wall of the family room and the entire house actually shook. It was just insane,” said Sonia Miller.

People on Facebook say they heard more than one boom and it also shook their homes. Some people also say they’ve heard similar booms before last Sunday.

A home surveillance video posted on Facebook shows a flash of light outside some homes and a few seconds later, a boom. Some people have asked if it was gunfire, some type of blasting in the area, or even fireworks.

One fireworks company that viewed the social media video told FOX5 it didn’t believe it was fireworks but possibly someone blowing up an aerosol can or small camping propane tank, pointing out that people often do that for fun.

FOX5 reached out to Nellis Air Force Base and was told the strange sounds might have been afterburners of jets as part of Super Bowl security and restricted airspace.

“The increased noise was probably due to Nellis fighter pilots engaging their afterburners which significantly increases aircraft thrust. At no point did any of the Nellis aircraft enter supersonic flight or create sonic booms,” read a statement to FOX5.

FOX5 asked Nellis to review the social media video, as well as the City of Henderson, Henderson Police, and the Clark County Fire Department. Boulder City Police tell FOX5 they haven’t heard any reports of the booms.


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