LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A group of pro-life students in Las Vegas reached a settlement with the Clark County School District after a club claimed the district was censoring its views.

The East Career and Technical Academy students filed a lawsuit against CCSD in 2022, saying they were barred from distributing fliers about their club on campus. Thomas More Society, a conservative law firm based out of Chicago, said it was a free speech violation.

The district will pay $36,000 in legal fees and must let pro-life students express their views on campus, the settlement says.

Felipe Avila, a former CCSD student and member of the Students for Life club, said at the time that the school was working actively against the club. The students say they were not allowed to put up fliers or put ads in the paper announcing their meeting times as other clubs were.

“We are pleased that the negotiations for this settlement have resulted in revisions to school’s handbook and a memorandum to district administrators reminding them that students are not exempt from the First Amendment,” Joan Mannix, Thomas More Society Executive Vice President & Managing Counsel, said in a statement. “It’s regrettable that administrators of the fifth largest school district in the country needed this reminder. In fact, their own regulations prohibit discriminating against student clubs on the basis of religious, political, philosophical, or other speech content.”

The school district didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the settlement.


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