LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – So how do the Las Vegas Raiders plan to stop the Kansas City Chiefs when they meet on the field come Sunday morning?

Kansas City likes their gadgets plays, and the fans love it. The opposing team hates it. The Chiefs have had their fair share of fun and games against the Raiders – but the Silver and Black say, that needs to stop.

Last season at Allegiant Stadium, the Chiefs poured salt in the wound of a blowout win, rolling out a play for the first time, that looked more playground than NFL. While the play worked for a touchdown, it was called back for a penalty. Even though, statistically speaking, the play never happened, the Raiders haven’t forgotten.

“We saw it the last time we played them and they ran it in. We don’t want that to happen,” Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce said.

“If they don’t run it in here come the gadgets. We saw the Ring A Round the Rosie deal they did last year, all fun and games. Cool. But at some point the best way to stop a trick play is to do what? Hit it in the mouth.”

Hit in the mouth – it’s obviously a term being used in the Raiders famility thie sweek, because we heard it more than once.

“You hit ‘em in the mouth and they’re not going to do it no more. Simple as that. If it don’t work, they’re not going to do it. If the game is close they’re not going to do it. Or if we have the lead they’re going to get in their regular play book. They’re not going to play around like that,” said Raiders Cornerback Nate Hobbs.

Whether it’s “Ring Around the Rosie,” “Red Rover,” or “Duck Duck Goose,” the Raiders say they need to not put themselves in a position that would allow the Chiefs to go gadget.

“They’re creative and they have fun doing it and that’s fine. But at the end of the day you have to do your job. Most of the time where do those trick plays come from? Fringe, Red Zone, goal line. We’re aware of it already. That’s being talked about in meetings throughout the week and that’s just everybody being attentive,” said Pierce.

But, will there be a holiday wrinkle unveiled on Christmas morning? And, will the Raiders play Grinch? We’ll find out what comes down the chimney.


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