LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Las Vegas Players Showcase brings in high school soccer players from across the country, hoping to show off their skills and score a spot on a college team.

But for the Hilo Soccer Club from Hawaii, the weekend didn’t go as planned. Their two games Saturday got rained out, and now they’re hoping this whole trip to the ninth island wasn’t a waste.

“We have 16 student-athletes from the whole big island, from different schools,” said Kaleo, the Hilo Soccer Club team manager. “We wanted to get them here because really for Hawaii, this is where we need to bring them to get exposed, to be seen by the college coaches, to have opportunities for recruitment.”

On Friday, the Hilo Soccer Club played their first game of the Las Vegas Players Showcase at Heritage Park in Henderson.

“We had a good turnout on Friday. We had about 19 colleges coaches came by actively recruiting,” said Kaleo.

The player went back to the park Saturday morning, ready to show off their skills – only to find out their two games were canceled.

The City of Henderson said all fields at heritage park were deemed unplayable Saturday due to weather conditions and flooding.

“At Heritage Park too you’re talking 15 fields. You know that the soccer coaches are going to be there from the colleges, and we’re just bummed,” said Kaleo.

One game was rescheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday and moved 33 miles away to Viper Park in the northwest valley, where there are only two fields.

“I do believe it’s going to affect our girls,” said Kaleo before the game. “I don’t think they’re going to be seen too much tonight, but hey, we came to play, so we’re just happy that we got a game.”

The city of Henderson said 13 of the fields at Heritage Park will be back open Sunday.

The Hilo Soccer Club’s 8 a.m. showcase game Sunday will continue as scheduled. Their second game from Saturday still has not been rescheduled.

The Hilo Soccer Club players now hope the exposure will be worth the long and pricey trip from Hawaii.

“Nine seniors on our team that are still not committed, and a lot of young ones too, so that’s our biggest hope, that it was worth it, that we’re going to have some colleges interested, and giving some opportunities for our kids,” said Kaleo.


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