LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The criminal complaint filed against a former pro wrestler and Nevada Congressional candidate has revealed a host of details that led up to his arrest warrant for murder.

An arrest warrant for Daniel Rodimer on one count of open murder was issued in Clark County Justice Court on March 5.

Rodimer’s criminal complaint provides a detailed timeline of the events last October that reportedly led to the death of Christopher Tapp, 47, after a fight inside a Las Vegas Strip hotel suite during a Halloween party. Tapp died at Sunrise Hospital on Nov. 5, 2023, and friends and family members “believed the circumstances of his death were suspicious.”

Witnesses told police that the altercation happened at Resorts World on the night of Oct. 29, 2023. The suspect and his stepdaughter were guests at a Halloween party in a hotel suite—an event that also reportedly included an F1 driver and multiple “Instagram influencers” in attendance.

Court documents describe a “fun room” set up at the suite party, which included lines of cocaine laid out beside a hundred-dollar bill. A witness said that specific “rules” for the party were in place, which included not allowing Rodimer’s stepdaughter to consume any cocaine.

A witness told police that later that night, the suspect entered the “fun room,” which was inside a suite bathroom, shortly after Tapp entered it to snort cocaine.

“If you give my daughter any of that (expletive), I will (expletive) kill you,” Rodimer reportedly told him.

Another woman at the party attempted to “diffuse the situation” by walking the suspect out of the room. Tapp stayed in there alone.

A witness told police that a short time later, she “saw Dan run into the bedroom, she assumed to fight Chris.”

A former Congressional candidate and professional wrestler is wanted for murder in Las Vegas, according to court records.

Court documents detail that the suspect was wearing a large fur jacket with no shirt as a “Ken” costume. A witness told police he watched “angry Ken” rip off his jacket and run into the bedroom containing the “fun room.”

Another witness reportedly told the host of the party, an unnamed F1 driver, that “he better go stop Dan because he was going to fight Christopher.”

The witness who initially watched Rodimer run into the bathroom said she saw the suspect knock the victim down, leading to him hitting his head on a table. She told police that Rodimer continued to punch Tapp “throughout his head and body.”

She added that the victim was not fighting back and she left because she did not want to continue watching the “disgusting” altercation. When she was in the lobby heading out of the resort, she said she saw Tapp being wheeled out by paramedics. He was taken to Sunrise Hospital, where he remained until his death a week later.

A different witness described hearing “two loud banging noises” coming from the bathroom during the fight.

Court documents said that Resorts World security were dispatched to the suite at 1:50 a.m. on October 30, 2023. Investigators confirmed Rodimer’s locations that night through cell phone tower data obtained through a search warrant, and the complaint report said that it was consistent with witness accounts of the events.

One security guard told police the initial call was for a “slip and fall” in the suite. He noted that the victim was lying on a bed and his speech was slurred. Tapp couldn’t provide security with his name when asked and was having difficulty staying awake.

Police also obtained a text message exchange between two party guests that described the altercation.

“Yeah dude I heard him screaming,” one told the other. “I was in the bathroom and he threw something for sure.”

“Just wrong time, wrong person,” he added.

Additional forensic evidence obtained by police included an Oct. 30, 2023 text exchange between the suspect and a woman discussing the terms of their divorce and child support.

“I guess you can’t pay anything if you’re in prison,” she told him. “I’m doing zero visitation. You are a monster.”

Court documents indicate that Rodimer is “flying in to address the warrant.” Clark County Justice Court set an initial bail amount of $200,000.

The date of Rodimer’s first appearance in Clark County Justice Court remains unknown.


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