LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend allegedly said she had to die and accused her of spying during a paranoid episode, according to an arrest report.

Nathaniel Foutch-Pratt faces six felony charges, including kidnapping, attempted murder and domestic violence charges in connection to the Feb. 20 incident.

According to the report, Foutch-Pratt is accused of kidnapping his girlfriend during a road trip from Illinois to California. The girlfriend told police that they were staying at the Strat for a night during their trip when her boyfriend started acting paranoid and saying “she was assisting the government in spying,” the report said. The couple was stopped by Strat security but reportedly let go and the couple went to find marijuana, the report said.

That’s when the suspect said the girlfriend “needed to die,” according to the arrest report. The woman got scared and tried to call for help when he took her phone, also hitting her when she tried to stop the car.

Police were conducting an unrelated vehicle stop near Washington and Pecos when the suspect’s vehicle drove by. The woman reportedly stuck her head out the window and mouthed “HELP ME” to the cops, who stopped what they were doing to try and help the woman, the report said. Foutch-Pratt then took police on a high-speed chase which eventually ended on US 95, the report said.

Alleged kidnapping investigation on US 95 on Feb. 20, 2024.(LVACS)

The arrest report said Foutch-Pratt could be heard on body-worn camera saying “she has to die tonight.” Foutch-Pratt refused to exit the vehicle and reportedly tried to strangle the woman with “what appeared to be a car strap,” also reportedly grabbing the woman’s hair and refusing to let go.

The suspect resisted arrest but was eventually taken into custody, the report said.

Foutch-Pratt was denied bail in a Feb. 21 hearing. He was set to appear in court again Monday.


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