LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -You could save a lot of money and we could all save big on our precious water.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is announcing an added rebate for people who convert water-guzzling grass to water-efficient landscaping. The SNWA Authority Board approved the added rebate just last month.

Homeowners can now get a five-dollar-a-square-foot rebate by taking out grass and replacing it with drip landscaping of trees and plants. The rebate was previously $3.

The water authority says one square foot of grass takes 73 gallons of water a year, or a column of water as high as a basketball hoop. But a drip system for trees and plants takes less than 18 gallons of water a year, a difference of 55 gallons of water per square foot.

“As a community, we’ve seen more than 80,000 conversion projects take place in the residential and commercial sector. That’s more than 200 million square feet of grass that has been replaced with trees and plants. That saves more than 10 billion gallons of water every single year,” said Bronson Mack with the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Mack says a billion gallons of water amounts to more than 11-thousand Olympic-sized swimming pools. He says in the 12 years of the rebate program, more than 12 billion gallons of water has been saved, or the equivalent of filling up the Luxor Hotel and Casino triangle 35 times.

The rebate to replace non-functional grass for businesses, HOAs and multifamily properties remains at $3 a square foot, but will decrease to $2 in 2025. To get the current rebates, grass conversion projects must be completed this calendar year.

You can find details to apply and other information here:


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