LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – As crews continue deconstructing the F1 infrastructure on and around the Strip, the people who commute through that work are growing more frustrated with long commutes.

“Our state bird should be the traffic cone right now,” joked Amber Stevenson, who works at The Linq.

Stevenson told FOX5 it usually takes about 15 minutes to get to her job.

“Now it takes 45 to an hour and a half,” she lamented.

After taking several routes to see if any of them cut down her drive time, Stevenson has found it’s not an exact science.

“I take the airport connector. I take the 15. I take the 215. I’ve even taken Eastern all the way up to Sahara,” she said. “It’s just like a roll of the dice depending on the day.”

Because she works multiple jobs, Stevenson tells FOX5 she has to do extra planning because all the traffic means she can’t make the shifts she usually does.

“I have to plan on my days off to work my other jobs,” she said.

Between Monday and Thursday, drivers can expect partial lane closures along parts of the Strip, Harmon, Sands and Koval. Also, two lanes and the sidewalk in front of Bellagio will stay closed throughout the day until December 22 as crews tear down the grandstands there.


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