LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas District Court judge this morning sentenced the suspect accused of attacking her in the courtroom last week to between 19 and 48 months in jail on charges of attempted battery.

That’s the same sentence Judge Mary Kay Holthus had planned to impose on January 3rd when courtroom video cameras captured Deobra Redden leaping over the bench and landing atop her.

WATCH: Clark County District Court judge attacked during sentencing hearing

Redden arrived in court Monday morning surrounded by five Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers and three court marshals. He was also shackled, and made to wear a spit guard and orange rubber gloves.

Arrest report provides unseen details on leaping attack on Las Vegas judge

Redden returns to the courtroom Tuesday for a status hearing on the charges he faces in connection with that now-viral courtroom attack. He’ll face several felony charges including multiple counts of battery.


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