LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Harry Reid International Airport is set for a weekend of stressed travelers from states set to get pounded by a winter storm.

“We were worried we wouldn’t be able to get out,” Gavin Graves, who’s visiting Las Vegas from Missouri, told FOX5 Friday night. “We were delayed a couple hours because of ice.”

The specter of winter weather slamming much of the U.S. is causing some level of alarm for some travelers.

“Yeah, I’m definitely concerned about that,” Justin Davis, who’s also visiting from Missouri, said nervously.

Most of the travelers who talked with FOX5 are taking that possibility in stride, though.

“I’m not too worried about it right now,” Graves said.

“If I’ve got to call into work, I’ve got to call into work,” Greg Swanson, visiting form Texas, said matter-of-factly. “That’s it.”

Some are even excited about potentially being stuck in Las Vegas without a flight home.

“I would love to stay in Vegas as long as possible,” said Lindy Young, who’s visiting from Ohio. “I think it would be so much fun, you know? Bet it all on red!”

“That would be fine,” Eva Khalfin, who flew in from Chicago just before the Windy City got the worst of the snowfall Friday, said. “We could stay here an extra day – skip school.”

Some folks already have contingency plans.

“I’ll probably just stay here and spend more money,” Davis said bluntly.

“If we were to stay here an extra day, I would want to see a Golden Knights game!” Khalfin exclaimed.


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