LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A group of Las Vegas businesses are calling for the temporary Formula One bridge over Flamingo Road and Koval Lane to be removed immediately, but Clark County officials said the bridge will be taken down after the Super Bowl on February 11.

The temporary bridge from Formula One helped transport crews, vehicles and equipment around the perimeter of the race. A group of businesses around the intersection tell FOX5, its caused profits to plummet and has called on the LVCVA and Clark County during public meetings to remove it. They’ve also asked for financial remedies for their tens of millions of dollars in losses over the course of months of road construction and disruption.

A series of emails from a Clark County spokesperson explains the reasons it’s still around: “The temporary bridge at Flamingo and Koval is being kept in place while our Public Works Department conducts a study to determine whether there is any benefit to traffic flow in the resort corridor to making it permanent…[it] will be dismantled after the Super Bowl so as not to cause additional road impacts during that timeframe.” No word on an exact date for removal, or what exactly the study has found.

“These politicians have the power to destroy a private business that pays his taxes, and they don’t care,” said Wade Bohn, owner of Jay’s Market. His doorstep faces the bridge; he tells FOX5, he lost more than $4 million in revenue since April and let go of seven workers.

“Time is money. And every day this bridge is standing there revenues are falling every day. Whatever reason that [county officials are] trying to say makes no sense. You put it up in 11 days, take it down 11 days,” said Lisa Mayo-deRiso, spokesperson for the seven businesses. She is still pushing for the county and public officials to change course on the timeframe for removal.

Drivers have mixed reviews of the bridge. Some said it eased their commute through the busy areas around the Las Vegas Strip. “As a driver it’s been one of the best things that came from the F1 fiasco,” one posted on “X.”

Others find it confusing or hazardous. “Hate it, have been nearly side swiped multiple times,” another driver said.


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