LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – UNLV students are heading back to campus for the spring semester, and university leaders are welcoming them back with extra support to help with recovery and added security measures to ease any safety concerns following a November 2023 shooting that killed three professors and injured a fourth.

The university held its usual spring all-staff meeting Tuesday, but this was the biggest yet.

University leaders told attendees they’re focused on what can be done to support students and improve security on campus as students, starting with some safety enhancements already in place for the spring semester.

“There is this heightened sense of awareness on campus, and I think that’s only appropriate,” Adam Garcia, Director of UNLV University Police Services. “We’ve employed a private security company who is currently on campus to provide a very highly visible uniform presence.”

Garcia said the private security group is not meant to replace law enforcement presence on campus, only enhance it.

However, they are ready to respond to immediate threats to public safety if needed.

“They are armed in order to protect themselves and others, should the need arise,” said Garcia. “Their role is basically to provide that visibility and answer questions that people may have related to their safety on campus.”

Garcia said there’s also more video surveillance on campus for the new semester, and UNLV is also looking to quickly add new locking mechanisms for doors.

He said currently, most of the doors on campus don’t lock at all, and that’s something many teachers have been asking about since the shooting.

“We’re looking at a number of different proposals and concepts in which we could enhance the safety of those doors by being able to lock them from the inside and yet still have access for law enforcement and other safety officials to be able to enter from the outside,” said Garcia.


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