LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – If you have a warm heart, open arms, and time and affection to spare, Silver State Pediatric has job for you.

It’s recruiting volunteer baby snugglers to can lend a pair of loving arms to the facility’s newborns and infants, many of whom were born prematurely to mothers with addictions.

Nearly 11% of Las Vegas’s babies are now born prematurely. It’s a number that’s been rising since 2018.

Volunteer snugglers give these infants more human touch time, which benefits their social, emotional, and physical growth. It actually aids in development and contributes to weight gain in these often frail infants.

“I have witnessed the transformative power of human touch on premature babies time and time again over the span of my 20-year career as a pediatric doctor in Nevada. The need for volunteer baby snugglers is critical to providing the warmth and comfort these vulnerable infants require for their optimal development,” says Dr. Ruchi Garg, Silver State Pediatric’s Medical Director.

“At Silver State Pediatric, we recognize the significance of early human connection in the healing process, and our call for volunteers is an invitation to make a meaningful impact in these babies’ lives. Committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment for children, we at Silver State Pediatric not only deliver best-in-class medical services but also strive to create a long-term medical facility that prioritizes the well-being of our youngest patients, ensuring they receive the care they need.”

To donate your time and affection, you must be older than 18, pass a background screening, and complete an entrance interview. You can apply at the Silver State Pediatric website, or apply in person between 10 am and 4pm, Tuesday through Friday, at 2496 W. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas.


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