LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – FOX5 has learned there have been changes at The Animal Foundation after the city voted to buy their building back in December.

The Animal foundation is home to hundreds of lost or forgotten animals in the valley.

However, it is no stranger to being under fire regarding their operations and overflow.

In mid December, the City of Las Vegas voted to purchase the Lied Animal Shelter building from The Animal Foundation before their contract ends in 2025.

On Thursday, Councilwoman Victoria Seaman told FOX5 changes have already been made including, not having to wait to drop off an animal, and that each jurisdiction has an oversight on shelter services.

“These are huge changes, we have three committees now, operation, financial and communication which will oversee when the contract is over which is 2025,” Seaman said. “We have made big efforts to make a difference to bring this to the attention of the rest of the council, I have to say all jurisdictions have came together.”

Councilwoman Seaman said there is a new call center in operation. The call center’s goal is to reduce owner surrenders by 30%. By directing people to resources that can help people keep their pets in their homes and increase animals returned to their owners from 19% to 29%.

This aims to decrease the amount of owner surrenders and offer resources available.

The purchase of Lied Animal Shelter will be final in July, according to TAF.

According to Seaman, if an animal is brought in they will first be held in the Lied Animal Shelter side and then taken through TAF adoption process.

TAF said the committees that have formed have strengthened their relationship with their jurisdictional partners in Clark County, City of Las Vegas and City of North Las Vegas.

“Having coordinated communications helps us work as partners troubleshoot and respond to challenges that we are both facing. It also helps bring more resources to promote shelter events,” TAF said.

The contract for TAF and the cities will expire in 2025.

This is when the jurisdictions will request provide a request for proposal and look and other providers for shelter services.

TAF said they “may choose to apply and continue to be the contractor” and if they are picked then they will negotiate a new contract.

They have not made a decision about applying for a new contract yet.

According to Seaman they were able to purchase the Lied Animal Shelter for $15 million versus the actual cost of $30 million.


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