LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The White House is taking more steps to ensure America’s veterans have healthcare by expanding benefits to not only people who served overseas, but also those who served on active duty stateside.

Veterans who were exposed to toxic chemicals either in warzones or domestically are now eligible to receive medical care and treatment through the VA as a part of The Pact Act.  The expansion of care covers Veterans who served in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as 9/11 first responders and National Guard troops who deployed to Ground Zero in New York.   

Veterans who were exposed to toxins during training are also eligible for medical coverage. The VA announced a new streamlined process to enroll and receive benefits for anyone who was exposed.

For more information on benefits, visit VA.GOV/PACT for a full breakdown of who is eligible and how to claim benefits.


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