LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Nevada Department of Wildlife officials say officials discovered a pile of donuts suspected of being dumped as food for coyotes in Lake Las Vegas.

A spokesperson says the discovery was made after a coyote bit a young girl outside the Lake Las Vegas Village grocery store. Henderson Animal Control officials say coyotes bit four people in the area in the last three months. NDOW officials say another coyote bit a person from Wyoming in the village when they were sitting on a bench.

The Henderson Police Department made a recent Facebook post discussing aggressive coyotes and telling people not to feed them. Officials say coyotes are becoming less afraid of people after being fed and are now walking right up to them in search of food.

This comes as a woman posted a video on social media of a woman feeding coyotes near the Lake Las Vegas Village. Wildlife officials have called the area a “feeding zone.” On Wednesday a community patrol member told FOX5 he’s seen people feeding coyotes from their cars in that spot while heading to and from the village.

Henderson animal control officials say people may now be cited and fined hundreds of dollars if they ignore warnings about feeding coyotes.

“People feel like they’re helping, “Oh it’s so skinny.’ But the thing is that, if it’s going to hunt and survive, it will hunt and survive on its own. It does not need human help,” said Henderson Animal Control Administrator Danielle Harney.

Two people who live in Lake Las Vegas asked if aggressive coyotes could be relocated. But NDOW officials say they can’t transport animals that can carry rabies.


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