LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – NDOT believes some wrong-way warning signs for drivers have saved lives. The signs, placed on off ramps, flash when a driver goes the wrong way down an off ramp and onto a highway.

The idea is to get drivers to turn around before getting on a highway.

NDOT said data from June 2020 to the end of 2022, indicated wrong way signs were tripped 216 times. Eighty-four percent of the time, those drivers turned around. This was part of a pilot program, with most signs placed in northern Nevada.

One system was also set up at Durango and U.S. 95 and NDOT has installed the warning systems at I-15 and Starr Avenue, along with Skye and Kyle Canyon. NDOT expected those three locations to be up and running by spring 2023. Those systems are currently not operational, according to NDOT.

FOX5 has been checking on the progress for months and just asked again last week.

“We have encountered some unforeseen challenges during the testing phase. Our testing regime is rigorous, with evaluations taking place every week to ensure accuracy and reliability. Currently, our team is working closely with the manufacturer to address any issues that have arisen during testing. We believe those issues will be fixed this spring. FAST staff at the Traffic Management Center is actively involved in the testing process and teams from RTC, FAST, NDOT and the contractor meet weekly. Once testing is complete and we are confident in the system’s effectiveness, NDOT will make an official announcement regarding its operational status,” read an NDOT statement.

Andrea Raney has been pushing for the warning signs to be turned on.

Her three-year-old granddaughter, Jaya Brooks, was killed in a wrong way crash on U.S. 95 last December. Raney has since started a non-profit called Jaya’s Light Children’s Foundation to collect clothing for kids in hospitals and kids in foster care. She’s also providing gymnastics scholarships for kids, where Jaya practiced gymnastics. Raney also meets monthly with people to discuss wrong way driving.

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“Nothing will bring Jaya back. But if we can help people just pay a little bit more attention,” Raney said.

The warning sign system also includes cameras that record wrong way vehicles that do make it by the warning signs. Those images and data can be transmitted to patrol cars to help officers find and stop wrong way drivers as soon as possible.

NDOT told FOX5 it expects to hear more information this week about the warning signs testing phase. FOX5 will update this story with any new developments occur.


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