LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Canine influenza is still present at many Las Vegas-area animal shelters a month after one of the first cases was reported.

The initial outbreak caused some shelters to temporarily halt adoptions and stop owner surrenders, though these shelters are getting back on track.

Animal shelters throughout the Las Vegas valley are recovering after an outbreak of canine influenza.

The Animal Foundation first reported a positive case of canine influenza on Feb. 17. The illness spread after a batch of high intakes at the shelter and now, the shelter is reporting six positive cases out of 347 dogs at the shelter, or roughly 1.7 percent of the population.

The Animal Foundation takes surrenders by appointment. The shelter says spring and summer are typically the “busy” season due to “kitten season” from April to October. The shelter also says it typically sees an increase in parvo cases in May.

The Henderson Animal Shelter still reports 47 dogs in quarantine with five currently positive for canine influenza. They are still accepting owner surrenders and are at about 90-95% capacity, depending on the day.

Nevada SPCA has two dogs still in quarantine. They said they started taking owner surrenders Monday, but are booked two weeks out due to the backlog of people trying to make a surrender.


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