LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A valley man is now accused of attempting to kidnap a second child.

Las Vegas Metropolitan says someone else contacted them after seeing Irving Malagon’s mugshot.

The newly reported incident also involves a black sedan and a man fitting Malagon’s description. In this case, the young victim managed to escape as well. However, the new report actually happened a few days earlier.

Metro says the victim tells them she was walking her dog when the suspect got out of his and began approaching her while undoing his belt and beginning to pull down his pants. She says he told her to look at him, but she refused. Instead, she got away and called her mother.

Police say they have since obtained surveillance video that confirms her story. They also say they recovered clothing and other items after Malagon’s arrest that links him to the initial incident. He claims that was a misunderstanding, and he was actually urinating, not exposing himself.

He’s being held on lewdness and child luring charges.


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