LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services reported a new record-high for cases of a “superbug” affecting Southern Nevada last month.

Candida Auris, also known as C. Auris, is a yeast that can cause severe illness and spread easily among patients in healthcare facilities. According to the CDC, it can be resistant to antifungal treatments.

According to a report by the health department, Southern Nevada has seen 2870 cases of C. Auris since 2021, with most of them being found in acute care facilities. Sunrise Hospital reported 713 total cases since 2021.

Additionally, those over 70 years old have been most impacted, with 1339 documented cases. Those aged 60 and up are the next most vulnerable, with over 700 reported cases.

Cases of C. Auris continue to rise in Southern Nevada, according to a new report.(Nevada Department of Health and Human Services)

January 2024 reported the highest number of cases seen yet in the region, with 202 reported.

So far, February has seen 48 cases. However, health officials say that reporting may be incomplete for the most recent three weeks.


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