LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Parents are frustrated and want answers from the Clark County School District as to why their child’s school bus is constantly late or just never shows up.

It is an issue our FOX5 newsroom hears about frequently but recently we have been getting many calls from our viewers who are parents of special needs children dealing with this.

We went to visit parent Cassy Santiago at her home while she was trying to keep her son busy. Her son has special needs and normally would be at school while she works from home.

“Unless you have a child on the spectrum, daily routine, a schedule is going to be you and your child’s best friend,” Santiago said.

However, that routine is disrupted, and Santiago tells FOX5 it happens quite often.

“He was out of schedule the moment the bus did not show up, his day was done,” Santiago said.

She tells us she calls CCSD transportation but does not get anywhere, telling FOX5 some of the responses she gets are that there are not enough drivers or drivers are calling out sick and they do not have any.

She told FOX5 she fired back at them saying, “Your lack of workforce is not a parent’s problem.”

CCSD tells FOX5 their transportation department makes thousands of stops a day. They have 1,400 routes, that service 32,000 stops all while giving rides to 125,000 students a day.

CCSD tells us parents can use an app to track the busses.

But parent Ashley Ragsdale showed us how it does not help when busses are running late. She is also a parent to a special needs son.

“I don’t expect him to go to school on time anymore,” she said.

With busses being late, he misses his counseling sessions.

One teacher who did not want to be identified said they are also feeling the effects of buses late or not showing up.

“It is hard to get into a lesson plan when a quarter of your kids are not there to do it,” he said. “Just very disjointed and now you have to re-establish the lesson plan.”

We gave CCSD some problem routes that are late such as R5029 . They say it is because of ongoing construction on US 95.

For route A4032 CCSD said it is because of a bus driver vacancy that they are working to fill.

CCSD also said if your child is late because of a bus issue, they should go to their school office so it can be documented.


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