LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Monday, Nevada’s Public Utility Commission began hearing testimony on the latest rate increase from Southwest Gas.

The company says it needs another $74 million to cover the cost of natural gas and to maintain its infrastructure.

Southern Nevada customers will bear the bulk of the increase. They can expect to see their bills go up 6.6% in April. This equates to around $8.47 a month or $101 a year.

North Las Vegas residents will see an increase of four percent. That’s almost $7 a month, or $83 a year. Public comment was not taken during Monday’s hearing, but some customers attended anyway.

FOX5 spoke to Sheila Rhone, a north valley resident, who says the prices are out of reach.

“I am a senior citizen. I am not working full time,” Rhone said. “I have to look at how to stretch my income, and paying $400 a month for a less than 1,800 square-foot condominium seems ridiculous to me when I was paying at least 50 percent less than last year.”

The PUNC will hear testimony all week before reaching its final decision. If it declines to sign of on Southwest’s rate hike, the company can appeal within 10 business days and request either reconsideration or a new hearing.


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