LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Former Las Vegas Raiders star Chandler Jones will avoid jail time on two misdemeanor domestic violence charges, according to a preliminary disposition in his case.

Former Raiders player Chandler Jones has been arrested again in Las Vegas for the second time in two weeks, records show.

According to a Clark County Justice Court filing from June 17, Jones agreed to plea “nolo contendere,” meaning he accepts a conviction but does not admit guilt. The final disposition of Jones’ case remains pending, but per the agreement, his sentence is as follows:

  • Suspended jail sentence, 90 days, effective 6/17
  • Stay out of trouble, six months, 6/17-12/17
  • No contact with the victim with the exception of Family Court Orders.

Jones was arrested twice last fall for violations of a domestic violence protective order. He has a court date to check on the status of his sentencing conditions on October 29.


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